Object Zone is one of many object shows on youtube.The first episode was uploaded November 5th 2013.After December 28th 2013 it went on a hiatus and later
Object Zone

Contestants and Devin

canceled.It was uncancled and returned on September 16th 2014.It is hosted by a red stickman named Devin.


Chalk(Eliminated episode 3)

Energy Drink(Eliminated episodes 1 and 11)

G(Eliminated episode 4)

Gameboy(Eliminated episode 13)

Grape(1st Place)

Laser(Eliminated episode 12)

Mega Man(Eliminated episode 9,Debut episode 7)

Nail(Eliminated episode 10)

Planet(Eliminated episode 15)

Sapphire(Eliminated episode 6)

Snakey(Eliminated episode 15)

Tack(Eliminated episode 7)

Toothpaste(Eliminated episode 5,Rejoined episode 12,Second Place)

Toothpick(Eliminated episode 14)

Trombone(Eliminated episode 12)


I think we started good

I think she's dead

Naval Battle

Look what I found

So it'd protect us?

The big setup

Christmas Special

It's very dangerous


On the job

Yo ma, Ailens!

Gravity at work

Halloween is for noobs

The miracle is coming

Elimination order

Elimination table
Place contestant

cause of elimination


stage in game

17th Energy Drink Got the first vote,and then was targeted(rejoined episode 8) Team Red teams
16th Chalk Lost a randomized tiebreaker Team Blue
15th G Was a letter,which seemed stupid Team Red
14th Toothpaste Unknown Reason(Returns episode 12) Team Red
13th Sapphire Unknown Reasons Team Blue
12th Tack Unknown Reasons Team Red
11th Mega Man(Debuted episode 7) Was a annoying debuter and lost tiebreaker Team Red
10th Nail Was one of the two "mean" contestants Team Blue
9th Energy Drink(Again) Lost the challenge for his team Team Red
8th Trombone Started a fight and bit Planets leg off Team Blue
7th Laser Unknown Reasons Team Blue
6th Game Boy Was a overall mean contestant and threw a pokemon blue cartridge at Devin Team Red merge
5th Toothpick Was the only contestant to be captured before the challenge was cut off Team Red
4th Planet Unknown Team Blue
3rd Snakey Voted out by eliminated contestants Team Blue
2nd Toothpaste Rejoined,so was less likely to win Team Red Runner-Up
1st Grape Was a fan favorite from the beginning Team Red Winner